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Hello, It's been a week since I edit the wiki Hurtworld FR with the rights of a wiki guardian, I would like to add people who could help me in this project but I'm not Administrator of the wiki, Would it be possible to be an administrator? Thank you for your reply.

Hey there, you already are a Wiki Guardian for this wiki. Is there anything you can't seem to be able to do? As for the other folks, if there really is a need for more than one Wiki Guardian, we can open up a slot for them. Also do not forget to sign your comments with four tildes (~~~~). MannedTooth (discussion)
I have all the rights I need, it's just that seeing the Administrators of the Wiki Hurtworld FR Absent and not active I thought if it was possible to take over, in terms of help I have a friend who helps me by the name of TheLastSniper and I will love that it passes as a Wiki Guardian to edit the protected pages, Anyway thank you very much for your answers. MalekoLive (discussion) 26 novembre 2019 à 12:21 (UTC)
Hey there, I am really not sure what you mean by "the Administrators of the Wiki Hurtworld FR Absent and not active" because you currently are the only one. In any case, I have opened a second position for your friend. They should be able to click the orange button that says "CLAIM THIS WIKI" under the wiki's logo. MannedTooth (discussion) 26 novembre 2019 à 23:13 (UTC)