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==Crafting Requirements==
==Crafting Requirements==
: 20 [[File:Wood Log Icon.png|18px]] [[Wood Log]]
: 20 [[File:Wood Log Icon.png|18px]] [[Bûches en bois]]
: 5 [[File:Flint Icon.png|18px]] [[Flint]]
: 5 [[File:Flint Icon.png|18px]] [[Silex]]
[[Category: Machines]] [[Category: Items]]
[[Category: Machines]] [[Category: Items]]

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Campfire Icon.png
Common Device
Use for cooking food, smelting metals, and staying warm

One of the basic Machines Items, Feu de camp is used for for Cooking Food, smelting metals, Crafting and more in Hurtworld. Reach higher temps with coal or gas. For example, to smelt iron ore, you would use coal.

Crafting Requirements[]

20 Wood Log Icon.png Bûches en bois
5 Flint Icon.png Silex