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Blast Furnace
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Common Device
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Use for cooking food and smelting metals.

A Blast Furnace is one of the Machines in the world of Hurtworld. The Blast Furnace is a placeable machine that can burn at a much hotter temperature than a Campfire Icon.png Campfire or Fire Pit Icon.png Fire Pit. It runs on Wood Log Icon.pngWood, Coal Icon.png Coal or Gasoline Icon.png Gasoline, with the latter reaching the highest temperatures. Blast Furnaces don't heat up nearby players.

The Blast Furnace is needed to smelt the highest tier of ores in the game, Titranium Ore Icon.png Titranium Ore, Mondinium Ore Icon.png Mondinium Ore and Ultranium Ore Icon.png Ultranium Ore.


The Blast Furnace can be Crafted at the Workbench, using the following materials:

50 Shaped Iron Icon.png Shaped Iron
20 Clay Icon.png Clay