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This is a list of console commands that can be used. F1 is the default key to bring up the console. Commands can also be executed with `rcon` and autoexec.cfg

Client Commands[ | ]

These are commands that all clients, regardless of permissions, can execute.

Command Arguments Description Example
connect <ip> Connect to a server at a specified IP, with the default port (12871) connect
connect <ip>:<port> Connect to a server at a specified IP, with the specified port connect
itemlist List all items and their codes itemlist
kill USE WITH CAUTION. Commit suicide. kill
time Dumps the time of day.
deleteprefs This will delete all stored preferences.

Server Commands[ | ]

These commands can only be executed on the server. Some can only be executed before loading a savegame. If you are on the client, and are an administrator, you can execute these commands on the server by prepending `rcon` in your console, or put them in your autoexec.cfg. ANY commands not in the autoexec will be deleted upon server restart.

Modding[ | ]

Command Arguments Description Example
loadmod <workshopID> (<workshopID>...) Loads a mod by its workshop ID. You can specify multiple mods by separating ids with whitespace.
  • You should never remove a workshop mod unless you are prepared to wipe, as doing so mid-save often results in broken save states. To remove a workshop mod, simple delete the loadmod entry from your autoexec when you wipe your server.
  • Adding workshop mods mid-wipe is somewhat less risky, however always make sure you have a recent backup of your save state before trying.. as there is a couple of instances of this, too, corrupting save states.
  • This is for STEAM WORKSHOP mods ONLY, not oxide mods.
loadmod 714026119 704019543
ignoresharedenvironment Tells the server to not load the shared environment. Use this command to speed up connection times and reduce memory usage, if you aren't using any in-built assets in your map. NOTE THAT THIS INCLUDES ANY WORKSHOP MOD!!! You can not use this if you use any workshop mods (loadmod 12345) ignoresharedenvironment
bakenavmesh Attempts to bake out a navmesh for the current level. Use for creating navmeshes for custom maps. bakenavmesh

CVARS[ | ]

Networking[ | ]

Save Management[ | ]

Command Arguments Description Example
autobackupinterval <seconds> Sets how often the server should backup its autosave autobackupinterval 7200
wipeinterval <seconds> Sets the server wipe schedule, as displayed in the server browser, in seconds. A negative value will show no wipe. The value is the number of seconds, from when the save was created to when you will wipe. wipeinterval 1209600
autosaveenabled <value> Sets whether to autosave the server. autosaveenabled 0
savepath <path> Sets where the save file for the server will go. By default this is the same location as the executable. savepath "C:/MySaveFolder/"

Gameplay[ | ]

Command Arguments Description Example
playerlootmode <value> Sets the player loot mode for the server.
  1. Drop nothing ever (playerlootmode 0)
  2. Drop backpack only (playerlootmode 1)
  3. Drop backpack, and use infamy (playerlootmode 2)
  4. Drop everything (playerlootmode 3)
  5. Destroy everything (playerlootmode 4)
playerlootmode 3
spawncooldown <speed> <value> Sets how spawn cooldown works. The <speed> parameter is how quickly spawn times fall back down to 10 seconds. The <value> is how much the spawn time increases upon death spawncooldown -0.1 10
stakedeauthtime <seconds> Sets the time in seconds a full ownership stake will take to deauthorise. stakedeauthtime 7200

Structures and Construction[ | ]

Command Arguments Description Example
creativemode <bool> Turn creative mode on and off (free build). Value as 0 for off, 1 for on. creativemode 1
structurecomplexitylimit <category> <value> Sets the build limit for structures - basically how many polygons a building can be in a single cell. The categories are:

0 = Structures (default=50,000), 1 = Machines (default=200), 2 = Plants (default=25)

  • Setting this too high may induce excessive lag on a highly populated server which has many structures
structurecomplexitylimit 0 50000
structureframepacketlimit <value> This is a throttle on how many packets the initial structure sync will use per frame. Increase this if players take too long to download the structures on your server. Decrease this if you notice lag when players are connecting. The default value is 200.
  • The default value is usually fine. Adjusting either higher or lower seems to only have negative results both ways.
structureframepacketlimit 200
structuredecayenabled <bool> Turn structure decay on and off. structuredecayenabled 1
structuredecayfrequency <seconds> How often a structure will be damaged by decay. Low values may have a performance impact. Default is 600. structuredecayfrequency 600
structuredecaydamage <damage> OR <minDamage> <maxDamage> How much damage will be done when a structure decays. If you give one value, the damage is set to that value. If you give two, it will be a range between those two values. Default is 5 - 10. structuredecaydamage 5 10
structuredecaymodifytime <seconds> How long a structure must be both unclaimed and unmodified, before it begins to decay. Default is 24 hours. structuredecaymodifytime 86400

Chat[ | ]

Command Arguments Description Example
chatspambudget <value> Sets the chat spam filter threshold. Lower values mean players will be muted sooner. Default value is 500. chatspambudget 200
chatconnectionmessagesenabled <value> Sets whether the server displays connection/disconnection messages. chatconnectionmessagesenabled 0
chatdeathmessagesenabled <value> Sets whether the server displays death messages. chatdeathmessagesenabled 0
mute <steamID> <seconds> Mutes the given player for the given amount of time. mute 76561197968052866 600
unmute <steamID> Unmutes the given player.

Performance[ | ]

Command Arguments Description Example
loadbalancerframebudget <value> Sets how many resources the Loadbalancer can use per frame. The default is 100. Increase this number if you have high server FPS but slowupdate cycle rates.

Below is how you might improve performance using this command. It is not dangerous to your save state, however may provide variable results, or even no result at all.

  • It is good idea to increase this, testing it in increments however it does require a server restart to take effect. You can't just do it in in-game console.
  • In console, use the command "serverstatus" and make sure your load balancer cycle rate is always above 1.0, especially once your server becomes populated server and has many structures. CHECK DAILY to make sure the cycle rate has not fallen below 1.0. If it does, then it's time to raise the loadbalancerframebudget again.
  • Don't worry about the second "average" cycle rate. This is none of our concern.
  • You can also see your server's average fps with serverstatus. If you see it drop too much, your loadbalanceframebudget arg is set too high.
  • If you have a high performance server you may find it extremely useful to increase this to 10000 or more
  • You may see significant lag/ping improvements by increasing this setting, however - results may vary greatly depending on hardware, server configuration, build limits, what kind of loot and spawn tables your server has, and many other factors. There is always a limit. If you have any unresolved issues using this just go back to default.
  • Depending on hardware, server configuration, build limits, what kind of loot and spawn tables your server has, and many other factors - it may be impossible to get the desired cycle rate. You may find that you have to compromise a bit in other areas that affect how much you are stressing Hurtworld's current capabilities.
  • It seems that values above 30000 are either ineffective or start having negative results on frame and cycle rates, even on a high performance server.
loadbalancerframebudget 100
targetfps <value> Sets the target fps for a server. A negative value will make this unlimited
  • For most servers, it is not recommended to have unlimited targetfps. 80 to 120 seems to be the way to go. This does not always mean a player will max out at the chosen frames.
targetfps -1
monitorloadbalancer <bool> Use to debug and see what is taking up time in the Load Balancer. After enabling monitoring, wait 1 minute and then run the `dumploadbalancer` command. Do not leave this enabled, as it has significant overhead. monitorloadbalancer 1
spawnercellupdatesperframe <value> Determines how much time spawners can take. If you think the spawner is running too slowly and players aren't getting the spawns you would expect, try increasing this number. Default is 10. spawnercellupdatesperframe 10

Vehicles[ | ]

Command Arguments Description Example
vehicledecaytime <seconds> How fast an unclaimed vehicle will despawn. Default is 3 hours. vehicledecaytime 14400

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