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Cooked Steak
Cooked Steak Icon.png
Rare Meat
Effects on Consumption:
+20 Nutrition
+3 Health
Max stack {{{maxstack}}}
(T) Burns in 50s when over cooked
(T) Goes off in 10 mins at room temperature
(T) Freezes in 120s when refigerated below -10°

One of the basic Food Items, Cooked Steak is used to eat and refill the Hunger Bar in Hurtworld.

If a Cooked Steak is not cooked or eaten within a certain period of time, it will turn into a Rancid Steak Rancid Steak Icon.png.


Cooked Steak can be made by putting Raw Steak Icon.png Raw Steak on a fire (Campfire, Fire Pit or Blast Furnace) and leaving to cook for 10 seconds. Like Raw Steak, Cooked Steak can be put in a Fridge to keep it fresh for a longer period of time.