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The Farlands is a small biome in north-eastern Diemensland. The entire biome is irradiated and has the harshest conditions to live in. There are almost no resources here, besides a patch of Iron Ore deep in the irradiated zone and a patch of Large Mining Rocks beyond the map limits. Living here is impossible for a duration of time because even a complete set of radiation-protecting clothing does not prevent radiation poisoning. Very few players venture or build here, save the small portion of road crossing the southern tip of the biome that players use to travel between the Forest and Redrock.

Buildings here are mainly used as safe spaces for storage since the conditions make raiding more difficult. This biome was likely intended to be used as the final spot for high-level players, but since the nerf of radiation-protecting gear early in the alpha stage, it is no longer possible to inhabit the Farlands.


The Farlands are almost devoid of any resources.

  • Plants
    • Succulent Seeds one plant exists near the border with Redrock.
  • Resources
    • Flint one rock located on top of a large rock near the Highlands border.
  • Ores
    • Iron Ore a patch of rocks in the north-eastern-most part of the map. One rock near the flint resource.
    • Large Mining Rock patch located north-east past the iron ore deposits and past the map limits.