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Farming is one of the renewable ways to survive when Hungry. Currently Farming is done by harvesting the Owrong Icon Owrong fruit. Typically it will also drop Owrong Seeds Icon Owrong Seeds, which can then be planted and after some time harvested, repeating the process. There are a few stages: is not ripe yet, or is fully ripe with orange fruit hanging from it. Keep in mind that this will become a staple food source if you manage to collect enough of the seeds from it. Generally you will receive 1-2 seeds but can receive 0.

Owrong Icon Owrong fruit can be found growing almost anywhere, although very sparsely and often not in groups. A good place to find your first Owrong can be the middle of a Territory zone.

You can also plant other items, Sunscreen Icon Sunscreen and the Crude Coolant Icon Crude Coolant. Both have their own seeds and their drop rates are the same as the Owrong Icon Owrong fruit. You can find the Crude Coolant plant in the Forest biome and it looks like a small bush with flowers on when fully ripe. The Sunscreen plant is found in the Red Desert biome, and this plant is hard to miss. It looks like a big fresh corn in the middle out of nowhere, this plant is most commonly found in the border of the Desert biome and the Red Desert biome. But still due to its enormous size, almost every Sunscreen plant you find, won't be ripe. The Sunscreen is used to protect you from the sun. While the Crude Coolant is used to make aFridge Icon Fridge and power it.