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Hurtworld is as simple as the title says, unforgiving to those who are unsure of how to survive. Constant hours can be spent trying to survive the brutal Weather combinations of Cold and Hot, but don't fear! Chief[1] and Gotcha[2] are here to help you!

Basic Movement[ | ]

Action Default Key Notes
Move Forward W
Move Backwards S
Strafe Left A
Strafe Right D
Run Left Shift Hold to run.
Toggle Run Right Shift Press once to toggle off/on.
Crouch C
Interact E Main interact button.
Drop Current Item Q
Open The Menu ESC
Toggle Camera Mode F2 Change between 3rd/1st Person
Open Inventory/Crafting TAB Inventory.
Spear Mode / Reload R Change spear modes (Upright to throw, underarm to jab) - Reload weapon.
Global Chat ENTER Chat with all players on the server.
Toggle Emote Menu G Chat with all players on the server.
Push to Talk V Hold to speak to other players using your microphone.
Open Console F1 Open the Console.

(See Keyboard Controls for all the keys you can use)

The Map[ | ]

See a list of locations and more on the Map page.

Getting Started[ | ]

Collect Wood
  • 1. Collect...collect...collect!!!

When first starting the game, collecting Resources and Loot will become bread and butter. It is essential to put your focus on collecting Wood and Stone that will be located on the ground. These Items can give you a combination of wood, from the logs, and stone/Flint from the stones that lay on the floor. After gathering 20 wood and 5 flint, proceed to make a Campfire and keep it in your inventory until night time comes around, this will come in handy later on. Once you have got that down, proceed to make a Flint Hatchet and Stone Pickaxe which can be located in your Crafting menu by pressing TAB.

  • 2. Food to survive!!!

There are two main ways to create a sustaining food source in HurtWorld:

Owrong Icon

On your way through the world, you may come across a plant that is not ripe yet, or is fully ripe with orange fruit hanging from it. Keep in mind that this will become a staple food source if you manage to collect enough of the seeds from it. Generally you will receive 1-2 seeds but can receive 0.

Raw Steak Icon

To establish a staple meat supply, you will first have to craft a Basic Spear using 10 flint and 10 wood. This can be used to kill the smaller and medium sized Animals in game (this does not include Yetis, or large Gavkus), but be sure to hit them in the head, this does more damage and ensures you will take less of it. This meat can then be eaten raw, or cooked on a Campfire, however, keep in mind, the campfire will be destroyed if it runs out of fuel, a Fire Pit will not.

  • 3. Set up shop!!!.

Normally by the time you have achieved those two above steps, it should be nighttime, this is the time to find a decent place to setup shop, put your campfire down, and keep warm for the cold that lays ahead of you. It would be handy to craft a Workbench while you warm up and proceed to Craft any items you may find useful. (Upgrade your Tools/Weapons etc.)

Wildlife: Creatures & Animals[ | ]

Animal Picture Animal Name Notes
Shigi The Shigi is a small passive creature that can be commonly found in the spawn areas of Hurtworld. They behave very similarly to rabbits by hopping around. If you get too close, they will run away. The Shigi is the first animal you want to hunt as it does not fight back and you can usually kill it in one well place hit. Pressing C to crouch and the approaching slowly will allow you to get closer without it being startled.
Gavku The Gavku is an aggressive deer-like creature that like many creatures in Hurtworld will attempt to kill you should you go near it. If you allow a Gavku to come get close to you it will slowly headbutt you to death.
Tokar The Tokar is a weird cat/monkey/sphynx hybrid creature that can commonly be found in Biomes that are quite far from the spawning area. The Tokar is hostile and will attack you if you go near it. It will attempt to distance itself and then spit a toxic residue which will poison you and drain your health and slow you if you are standing in the toxic pool.
Bor The Bor (Boar) is a hostile creature that can be found in most Biomes. If you are too close it will attack by charging at you. Bor's can be easily handled by a well place shot from a distance but can be dangerous when in close range especially if you have multiple bor's attacking you.
Yeti/Sasquatch Currently the most powerful animal in the game in its current stage is the yet unnamed Sasquatch. It is a large tough creature that when aggravated will kill you quite easily if you let it get close enough. The most effective way of killing the Yeti/Sasquatch that we have found is to have one player bait the creature while the other shoots it after initially gaining its attention by attacking from a distance.

Food[ | ]

Food in Hurtworld is very important, which is why it should be one of your top priorities in the beginning of the game as well as your temperature.

Meat can be found in the form of Raw Steak Icon Raw Steak and dropped by killing the Shigi, Bor or Gavku. Meat that is left at room temperature (un-refrigerated) will become Rancid Steak Icon Rancid Steak after 10 minutes, so it is advised that once you have a Raw Steak, you cook it and eat it before it becomes useless. In the current stage of the game Cooked Steak Icon Cooked Steak can be frozen in a Fridge Icon Fridge or a Storage Locker Icon Storage Locker. If meat is kept frozen it will not go bad while in a fridge or locker. When cooked steak is taken out of a fridge or storage locker, it will thaw in 4 minutes before becoming a normal piece of steak which will go off in 10 minutes, making the total amount of time to eat the steak 14 minutes before it becomes rancid.

Raw Steak Icon Raw Steak
Cooked Steak Icon Cooked Steak
Rancid Steak Icon Rancid Steak
Frozen Steak Icon Frozen Steak

Amber Protection[ | ]

Protected vs Unprotected Drag required amber over unprotected gear Newly protected gear

In HurtWorld V2 the Infamy system is replaced with an amber protection mechanic. Instead of keeping all gear and items upon death, players will lose unprotected items. Players can 'consume' amber for gear protection so that the amount of amber used for protection is dropped in place of said gear.

Further Questions?[ | ]

We will constantly be adding new information as we learn and the game develops.
If you are still unsure about the game and require information that you cannot find out yourself, I will be streaming this game on my twitch with a few friends and will be open to any questions that need to be answered!
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Feel free to leave any questions or comments on this guide[4] and we will try to answer it the best we can. Please leave a rating of our guide, thanks for reading!

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