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The Hurtworld SDK is an official tool for creating custom content in Hurtworld. The SDK currently supports:

For more information, see Modding

Installing the Hurtworld SDK[]

Firstly, download the latest supported version of Unity (as of June 2018, v5.6.6.f2). Install it, and in the installer options make sure to install platform support for OSX, Linux, and Windows. Without this platform support, you won't be able to make any custom content.

If you're unfamiliar with the basics of Unity, we won't be covering that here. There are a huge amount of resources out there already to get you started. Here are a few recommended sites:

Ok, assuming you have a general understanding of Unity, you now need to install the Hurtworld SDK. This is a Unity project that contains a number of tools for creating custom content. You can find the Hurtworld SDK in your Steam Library. It will be in Library > Tools > Hurtworld SDK.

You can't open the SDK from the Steam application. Instead, find where Steam installed the SDK by right clicking on it in your library, and selecting Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files. Now, open Unity, and select the "Open" option up the top right. Navigate to where the SDK was installed, and select the folder.

Congratulations! The SDK should now be running.


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