Hurtworld Wiki
The Main Hurtworld Features
  • Crafting Gear, Tools, Weapons and Machines. Mine Resources and combine to make hundreds of different items and then Build from a hut to a city, complete with automated Drills.
  • Procedurally Generated, Customizable Vehicles - Find a car or quad bike wreck in world with random panels. Scavenge for Parts and get it moving again. Find rare Paint colors and skin patterns to get it looking just the way you want.
  • Farmable Plants - Find wild Seeds and get a crop going back home.
  • Hunt Neutral and Hostile Animals - The environment is filled with animals, they may be your lunch, you may be theirs.
  • Town Ruins and Relics with Random Loot - Tightly contested, if the Radiation and mutated creatures don't kill you, another player will.
  • Dynamic Day & Night + Weather - Pick the right time of day to attempt crossing sand dunes, but watch out for Sandstorms.
  • Stat Simulation - Everything in the world is affected by time of day, and combined with the harsh world filled with different Biomes, dynamic Weather, heat produced from Machines and more. Items also have different behaviors based on current stats.