Hurtworld Wiki

Below you can find the basic and more advanced key controls for Hurtworld.

Main Keyboard Controls[ | ]

Action Default Key Notes
Move Forward z
Move Backwards s
Strafe Left q
Strafe Right d
Run Left Ctrl Hold to run.
Toggle Run Right Shift Press once to toggle off/on.
Jump Space
Crouch Shift
Prone X Lie down (Note: Not currently available in-game)
Drop Current Item g Ditch any Item fast!
Open The Menu ESC
Fire/Attack Left Mousebutton
Iron Sights / Alt Fire Right Mousebutton
Toggle Fists Q Removes (or equips) item so that fists can be used.
Reload weapon R
Toggle Camera Mode F2
Zoom Camera In Mouse Scroll Up Zooms camera in to first person mode
Zoom Camera Out Mouse Scroll Down Zooms camera out to third person mode
Open Inventory/Crafting TAB
Global Chat ENTER Chat with all players on the server.
Toggle Emote Menu q Chat with all players on the server.
Scroll Chat Up Page Up Scrolls up through the chat box.
Scroll Chat Down Page Down Scrolls down through the chat box.
Push to Talk V Hold to speak to other players using your microphone.

While Driving[ | ]

Action Default Key Notes
Enter Vehicle E
Brake XShift

While in Inventory[ | ]

Action Default Key Notes
Drop Item O Item is dropped from the inventory currently being accessed to the ground.
Transfer Stack T The stack you hover over is transferred from one inventory currently being accessed to the other.

While Building / Misc[ | ]

Action Default Key Notes
Flip Wall E Flips the direction of a wall before placing.