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Grab and pickup various Loot as you run through Hurtworld.

List Of Loot[ | ]

  • Wood Log Icon Wood Log - Driftwood or Dead Trees which can be harvested with an Axe
  • Bark Icon Tree Bark - Can be picked up from harvesting the Wood.
  • Stone Icon Stone - Gray rocks lying on the ground.
  • Flint Icon Flint - Greenish rocks lying on ground.
  • Clay Icon Clay - Brown rocks you pick from the ground.
  • Limestone Icon Limestone - Brown rocks on the ground.
  • Coal Icon Coal - Black rocks harvested from various Ore.
  • Animal Tendon Icon Animal Tendon - Harvest dead Shigi and you have a random chance to pick these up.
  • Animal Fat IconAnimal Fat - Harvest from dead Bor, and you can pick it up.
  • Leather Icon Leather - Dead Shigi/Bor/Tokar
  • Crude Coolant IconCrude Coolant - Harvested from Pitcher Plants
  • Ash Icon Ash - Burn these for Ash: Tree Bark, any Raw cooked or rotten steak, and Workbenches
  • Amber Icon Amber - Random drop from Mining Ore or Wood Log
  • Ore - Use a Stone Pickaxe to break open these. There are various colors each with their own harvestable minerals.
  • Earth Magnet IconEarth Magnet - It randomly drop while picking up Flint
  • Sun Screen - Collected from cactus in the dunes biome.