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Nullius Map

Hurtworld's current official map is Nullius. In V1 the map was Diemensland

Locations[ | ]

Locations, known as radtowns are found around the map which contain Loot Crates. These areas are commonly rich with PVP

Biomes[ | ]

The map is divided by biomes, which each have their own resources, creatures, and climate.

  • The Plains, where players spawn. This is a beginners area with plenty of starting resources, a safe climate, and no dangerous animals.
  • The Forest, more difficult environment than the Plains. A very common area for players.
  • The Dunes, a desert with high rolling dunes and limited resources. Hot during the day and cold at night. Players don't often come here.
  • The Redrock, a red desert even hotter than the dunes. Poisonous rocks containing Mondinium Ore are common here.
  • The Highlands, a snowy land with radioactive Ultranium Ore. Home to Yetis.
  • The Farlands, a radioactive biome. Desolate, no resources or signs of life to be found here.