Clan commands

  • /clan help [or /clan h] displays clan commands.

Player commands:

  • /clan create <tag> creates a new clan.
  • /clan join <tag> joins a clan you have been invited to.
  • /clan leave leaves your current clan.
  • /c <message> sends a message to all online clan members.
  • /tc toogles global/clan chat.

Moderator commands:

  • /clan invite <player> invites a player to your clan.
  • /clan kick <player> kicks a member from your clan.

Owner commands:

  • /clan tagcolor <color> sets a new tag color.
  • /clan promote <player> promotes a member to moderator.
  • /clan demote <player> demotes a moderator to member.
  • /clan disband disbands your clan (no undo).

Safe trade commands

  • /trr <player> - Request a new trade.
  • /tra - Accept a trade request.
  • /tradd - Add all items in hotbar for trade.
  • /tri - Displays info about the current trade.
  • /trc - Cancel any requested or accepted trade.
  • /tr - Marks yourself ready for trade.

Private messages commands

  • /pm <name> <message> - Send a private message to the user, if online
  • /r <message> - Send a reply to the user who sent the last message for you.

bank commands

/bank - This will give you all avail commands /bank balance - This shows your wallet balance and account balance. /bank deposit <amount> - How much you want to deposit from your cash to your bank account. /bank withdraw <amount> - How much you want to withdraw from your bank account to cash. /bank transfer <amount> <player> - How much you want to withdraw from your bank account to cash. /bank top players - See top 5 richest players
Clan commands are:
/bank withdraw <amount> clan /bank deposit <amount> clan

To view the shop use /shop

To view a category in a shop use /shop catname

To buy an item use /buy item qty

To sell an item use /sell item qty