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Ownership Stake
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Common Device
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Use this to claim an area of land.

One of the Building Items, Ownership Stake is used for claiming a piece of land so that only authorized players can build on it.

Authorization system[]

If a player has direct access to an Ownership Stake, he can walk up to it and authorize himself on it. Players that are authorized are granted building rights on the given grid of land that the Ownership Stake belongs to. This means that the player can open doors and place and remove building parts or placeable items/machines.

Radius =

The Ownership Stake's authorization list can be cleared by anyone who has access to it.

All the above means that you should be very careful with who you allow access to your Ownership Stake, since they can destroy your base or simply overtake it.


The Ownership Stake can be Crafted at the Workbench using the following materials:

30 Wood Log Icon.png Wood Log
10 Clay Icon.png Clay
1 Amber Icon.png Amber


The Ownership Stake can be destroyed by using an

Iron Axe Icon.png Iron Axe ~40 Times

or a

Gold Axe Icon.png Gold Axe ~15 Times