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Owrong Icon.png
Rare Fruit
Effects on Consumption:
+5 Nutrition
Max stack 1
(T) Goes off in 10 mins at room temperature
(T) Goes off in 5 hours when refrigerated

One of the basic Food Items, Owrong is used to eat in Hurtworld.

Planting and Farming[]

When harvesting an Owrong plant, you will receive the Owrong itself as well as a chance to receive two Owrong Seeds Icon.pngOwrong Seeds. These seeds can be planted on any outdoor surface (including rocks and boulders) and will take around 5 - 10 minutes to fully mature and be ready for harvesting. After harvesting Owrongs go Mouldy after 10 minutes or 5 Hours if kept in a refrigerator. This process allows the creation of Owrong Farms.

Other Uses[]

Mouldy Owrong Icon.pngMouldy Owrongs are used in the crafting of Gasoline Icon.pngGasoline.