Description Edit

The Shigi is a small passive animal found in the starting zone of Hurtworld.

The Shigi's possible drops are Leather, Raw Steak, and Animal Tendons. The Shigi tends to drop only 1-3 of Leather or Tendons.

Shigi 400

The Shigi is a small creature that has the ability to run fast when alerted. When alerted, the Shigi will run extremely fast in effort to get away from the player.

Strategy Edit

The Shigi is very easy to kill once you have learned it's mechanics. Silently get near the Shigi by crouching, and throw your spear at the Shigi and it will instantly die. Take note that the spear has a slight vertical arc, and may go over the Shigi and alert it.

Alternatively you can kill the Shigi in one shot with the Bow.