Hurtworld Wiki

Spawncooldown is a console command in Hurtworld that can configure how death and respawn timers work on your server. It cannot be changed once a server is running, so we recommend putting it in your autoexec.cfg

Respawn cooldown, as of, works like so: if a player dies, and is currently authorized at an ownership stake, their respawn time is increased by the cooldown increment amount (default is 10 seconds). The respawn time has a maximum of 60, and a minimum of 10. A players respawn time will decrease at the rate specified by the cooldown speed, until it hits the minimum. This value must be negative. The default speed means that from the maximum respawn time of 60 seconds, it will take 5 minutes to go back down to 10 seconds.

If a player is killed, and they are not authorized at an ownership stake, they will have no respawn time added. However, neither does it clear your previous respawn time.

The command's usage is spawncooldown <cooldownSpeed> <cooldownIncrement>, where cooldownSpeed is the speed at which the respawn time falls back down to the minimum, and cooldownIncrement is the amount it will increase upon death.