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Standard Mining Drill
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Common Device
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Used to automatically gather resources.

A Standard Mining Drill is one of the Machines in the world of Hurtworld. Also known as a Red Drill, it is designed to extract various ores (Stone, Coal, Iron, Titranium Ore, and Ultranium Ore) from the ground, freeing the player to focus on other things such as grinding for materials. Any type of Ore can be mined from any Biome in the map. It is fueled by Wood, Coal, Gasoline or Shaped Mondinium and extracts a random ore once every forty seconds. It is fairly loud, and can be heard from a distance, even through walls, so you're able to hear who is drilling.

Crafting[ | ]

The Standard Mining Drill can be Crafted at the Workbench, using the following materials:

50 Stone Icon Stone
50 Shaped Titranium Icon Shaped Titranium
10 Amber Icon Amber

Tips[ | ]

  • The production slots in the drill can be "seeded" to gather only what you want collected.