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Farming[ | ]

Plant Owrongs and some of them will give you back seeds! (Same with sunscreen - and yes you can plant and EAT sunscreen!)

For resources, find resource spawn areas and memorize specific resource spawn locations (at the moment a specific resource node respawns at the same area) you can then target and collect resources you need.

Making an Owrong farm and crafting fuel from it[ | ]

  1. Make your building around your farm.
    1. Place foundations so that you have an open gap in the middle.
    2. Build walls. You can build both inner and outer for more security.
    3. Add your doorway(s)
  2. Plant your seeds.
  3. Add 2-3 lockers and put your ripe fruit in them.
  4. Fruit will mold after 10 minutes and, when combined with ash, you can use it to make gasoline.

Building[ | ]

To build a secure base you will need to build as many layers/doorways between the outer walls and your loot chambers as you can. The more, the better. Make sure that players cannot jump into your base.

Raiding[ | ]

Camp doors and run in with shotgun to blast. Continue deeper into base blasting enemies as they continue to open doors untill you get to ownership pole. Authorize yourself and use construction hammer to remove (press f and select destroy option) and replace ownership pole to gain access to base. Also you can go on their roof and wait till they open the door and jump off and kill them.

PVE[ | ]

Get gold axe or ultranium pick to insta-kill bors and easily kill other wildlife.

With bow master getting headshots on wildlife. Insta-kill on all except sasquatch and yeti.

PVP[ | ]

Use your axe to kill.

Spear "player damage" only deals listed damage when thrown.

While engaging in PVP and infamy or outlaw flag is gained fill your toolbar with cheap tools (ie. flint hatchet) to minimize chance of dropping weapons/upgraded gear.