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Hurtworld V2 my server is not listed on Steam.[]

All health. I hope for advice. Such a problem - I created a server (on my PC), added oxide, opened ports (12871-12881) on the router and in the Firewall. The IP address is static. In general, everything is as recommended. But after loading the server, it doesn't appear on Steam, it doesn't connect, only connect localhost. Something, somewhere I'm doing wrong. Perhaps host.bat registered the wrong way (hurtworld.exe -batchmode -nographics -exec "maxplayers 77; servername <color = # 02A820> [EU / RU] </color> <color = # FFB60D> Hurtworld TEST </ color >; host 12871 nullius; addadmin 76561198281080859 "-logfile" gamelog.txt "). Help kind people, tell me. P.S: I am not a competitor to you and your servers, I do not plan to make money on my server, we will only play with brothers and neighbors.