Hurtworld Wiki

So you're new to Hurtworld and are trying to keep from dying, or being steamrolled by other players around the map. Here's some Tips and Guide to help you make your life easier. I suggest to start off with the Getting Started Guide, which will help you out immensely.

Starting Solo?[]

  1. As you spawn, you'll want to get some Basic Resources going. Grab everything you can pick up including Wood Log Icon.png Wood Log, Flint Icon.png Flint and Stone Icon.png Stone.
  2. Once you have 7 Wood Log Icon.png Wood Log, 5 Stone Icon.png Stone & 5 Flint Icon.png Flint you have everything you need for both a Flint Hatchet Icon.png Flint Hatchet and a Stone Pickaxe Icon.png Stone Pickaxe, the basic tools for harvesting.
    1. With your newly acquired Flint Hatchet Icon.png Flint Hatchet you can hit the randomly spawning Logs, which will drop up a random amount, up to 10 Wood Log Icon.png Wood Logs at a time, doubling your harvest potential (and giving you a chance to find Amber Icon.png Amber which will be important for later).
    2. With your Stone Pickaxe Icon.png Stone Pickaxe you'll be able to harvest the Rock/Flint Nodes, which gets you into Mining, and will open up Iron Ore Icon.png Iron Ore, Clay Icon.png Clay, Coal Icon.png Coal as well as increasing your drops of Flint and Stone (and even finding random drops of Amber Icon.png Amber).
  3. You've probably gotten hungry by this point so you're going to need to find food, either by Hunting, or Farming. Farming will be a bit simpler since you can just find and eat Owrong Icon.png Owrong and plant the seeds. With hunting you'll need to build a Basic Spear Icon.png Basic Spear, or a Wood Bow Icon.png Wood Bow + Arrow Icon.png Arrow (Or Both). Personally I suggest going with the spear (especially if you're going to be more peaceful).
    1. Hunt ShigiShadow.png Shigi which can be found basically everywhere, by crouching, getting near and then throwing your spear (R to raise to throwing) just over their head so with timing you'll get some drop and hit it's head.
    2. Hunt Gavku in the meadows, with a Basic Spear Icon.png Basic Spear. You can run up and attack 3 times before they go down, and they tend to not do much damage, which you can heal up in less than a minute.
  4. The Animals will randomly drop Raw Steak Icon.png Raw Steak, which you can eat on the spot or cook with a Campfire Icon.png Campfire to make Cooked Steak Icon.png Cooked Steak. Cooked Steak will greatly lower your Status Hungry Icon.png Hunger bar.

Made Some Friends?[]

  1. Have some people you can count on? Good, you'll want to start with the above and then once you've amassed a large quantity of Resources/Loot you're going to want to start Building so that you can come back in the future and still have your stuff.
  2. With Building you'll need to have someone on the team build a Construction Hammer Icon.png Construction Hammer, which will open up the Building Menu. Secondly you're going to have to build an Ownership Stake Icon.png Ownership Stake. Wood is going to be hugely important if you're just starting, and with 20 Wood Log Icon.png Wood Logs you can start turning that into Materials, namely Wood Plank Icon.png Wood Planks. Of course you're going to need a ton of wood, so get on your teammates and get that harvester team-machine moving! You'll also need to make Cement Icon.png Cement to have a Foundation Icon.png Foundation.
  3. Put down some foundation and then place the Ownership Stake Icon.png Ownership Stake. Authorize yourself (and your Team) which will allow you and only those who have authorized to build in the nearby area.
  4. Build! Seriously knock yourself out.
  5. Once you've got a place to call home, make sure you have a function-able Wooden Door Icon.png Wooden Door, and everything is in the build area, otherwise your enemies can come and destroy your beautiful walls and enter your casa. If you have enough Resources to spare, you'll want to build a secondary door, as a fail safe, in case the first door has been breached by C4 Icon.png C4, or enemies sneaking in. (Trust me, the worst is having enemies breach your place and begin tearing the place down, and losing everything, because you didn't have a fail safe.)

To Infinity and Bey..Infamy[]

  1. Ready to raid or go exploring?