Hurtworld Wiki

This page will go through the workflow to get a custom workshop item uploaded to Steam workshop with the Hurtworld SDK.

Configuration Files[]

Your item will need a valid configuration file to be uploaded to Steam Workshop.

See the relevant articles for information about creating and configuring these files.

Building and uploading[]

Building and uploading is done through Shigi Tools. The Shigi tools window can be opened through Shigi Tools-> Shigi Tools in the main menu.

Open the Steam tab and you will be presented with this:


At this point you must have Steam running in the background and be logged in with the account you want to submit your workshop items under. Once that is complete click connect.

If Unity succeeds in communicating with Steam, Shigi Tools will search for configuration files within your project. If yours doesn't appear, try clicking "Refresh Project Items".


The above indicates that we have not matched our item to a workshop identifier yet, and have yet to build our item. To create a new workshop identifier, click "Select" and chose "Add New". This should populate the workshop file id with a number and turn it green.

The next step is to ensure our item build is up to date for all platforms.

Click "Build All".

If we complete both those steps correctly we should see all green and be ready to upload


All that is left to do, is click "Upload".