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Vehicles are modes of transportation found throughout Hurtworld. Vehicles can be found near any shipping containers and towns. Although vehicles almost never spawn fully assembled, parts can be found in Loot Crates and with the Wrench (Vehicle).

Vehicle Parts[ | ]

Vehicles can be completed by adding a few basic parts. Each wheeled vehicle requires an appropriate Engine (Standard), Gearbox (Offroad), Wheels, and Gasoline. The Mozzy helicopter requries an Engine, Main Rotor, Tail Rotor, and AVFuel. These parts can be found in Loot Crates and by destroying a vehicle with a Wrench (Vehicle).

Additional attachments can be created at the Heavy Crafter. These attachments can be purely aesthetic or even add features, such as additional seats, storage, or headlights. The Heavy Crafter requires Blocks for most parts, with the exception of a few Kanga parts that require Jump Medals.

Types Of Vehicles[ | ]

  • Goat (Quad Bike)
  • Roach Builder (Car)
  • Kanga (Motorbike)
  • Mozzy (Helicopter)
  • Slug (Heavy Truck)
  • Barra (speedboat)

Vehicle Gallery[ | ]